Sunday, 21 December 2014

That's all...

Saturday was a special night... sadly it was our last Griddle for a while, come February there will be a new addition to the Davey family! We need to take some time to adjust to our new and exciting life. We had a lovely group in, in fact Sam and her gang were our first ever group to try us out two years ago!  We love them! They were brilliant, they drank loads, gobbled all the food, made plenty of noise (we also got a nice round of applause at the end of it all).

The only problem we had, as ever, is a serious lack of photographic evidence. I am going to work on photography during my maternity leave, hmmmmm.

They ate...

The Griddle Project

December 2o14

To welcome you
Orange Blossom Gin
Clove Spiced Ham Hock

To start you off
Chestnut Soup & Fig Anise Bread
Mini Prawn Cocktail
Shropshire Blue Cheese, Mulled Pears and Toasted Walnuts

The main event
Chicken Sauté with Sherry & Crème fraîche, Fondant Potatoes, Buttered Kale

If you want more
Chocolate Orange Delice and Cocoa Wafer

If you still want more
Freshly ground coffee, Assam Tea, Christmas Decoration Biscuits

It kind of looked like this...



Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Experimenting with Shropshire Blue Cheese

We are mid way through two weekends of hosting Griddle nights. Last Saturday went very well - the dining room looked particularly lovely - full of very attractive girls, drinking lots of pink champagne and filling up on our seasonal grub.

Food pictures

Wigmore cheese from La Fromagerie

Shropshire Blue Cheese Sandwich

 Fennel and Chicory Salad
Rare Beef Skirt

Chicken in Red Wine - Rosemary Pastries

This was soooo good - Chocolate Soup & Almonds, Chocolate Toast

Food text

To welcome you
Gin Tea
Wigmore Cheese, Essex Honey on Toast

Starters to share
Roast Squash and Shropshire Blue Sandwich, Beetroot Risotto, Two Bird Terrine

Chicory and Fennel Salad in a Sherry Glass

Main course
Beef Cheeks in Rioja, Rosemary Pastry, Fondant Potatoes, OrganicLea Greens

Chocolate Soup, Chocolate Toast and Toasted Almonds
Lime sorbet

Freshly Ground Coffee, Assam Tea


Suggested donation: £25

Sunday, 24 August 2014

November dates will be up soon...

Bank holiday time = free time to put photos up.
We had two great events in June/July but have been keeping things quiet for August. We have two dates in September coming up but these are fully booked - November may be our only cooking month for the rest of the year! We'll sort dates soon....

Photos from June/July
Squid from the excellent new fishmonger in Wanstead

Chilled cucumber soup

Bitter herbs with Lamb cooking on the BBQ


Bath pig salami risotto


Monday, 14 July 2014

Another Griddle this Saturday

Surprisingly, for an evening I have some time, so I thought I would put up some photos from recent Griddles to prove we are still alive.... in fact we have another Griddle this Saturday - it has been nearly a whole month and I've missed it. Still not sure how I am going to make the pudding (Epping Forest Torte) but I'll experiment on Thursday and see what works; obviously it will involve local fruit, a lot of chocolate all spiked with a fair amount of booze. 

10 hour barbecued lamb

Heritage tomato salad 

Rose chocolate tort 

 Another Rose chocolate tort

Crab cakes (one of my favourites)

Dirty menu

 Ginger Chocolate Tort 
Crispy duck egg

Skirt rump waiting to be cooked 

Organiclea salad

Watercress and Goat's cheese risotto 

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


We have one supperclub night in June, but it has already been snapped up... I'll put the menu up anyway so you can see what seasonal treats you should be trying this month.

Our July date has gone... and so has August and er, actually September too. October dates and menu will be posted soon - but I think we only have 3 seats available...

The Griddle Project
Saturday 21st June, 2014

To welcome you
Orange Blossom Gin
Slow Cooked Pork Belly on a Pie Crust Biscuit
To start you off
Chilled cucumber and Watercress Soup
Chargrilled Asparagus & Waterloo Cheese Salad with Mead and Cyder Vinegar Dressing
Galantine of Capon
Crab Ravioli
10 Hour Barbecued Brisket of Beef, New Potatoes, Burnt Tomatoes, Prospect Road Garden Salad
Dark Chocolate Torte and Rose Ice Cream
If you still want more
Freshly Ground Coffee, Assam Tea, Gingerbread Biscuits

If you are desperate to come and you are a good photographer, perhaps you could help us out one night?! Just see below...

Fresh garlic from Leytonstone's Organiclea

The best asparagus, ever. Thank you Hoyle's Farm

Home-made ricotta with Essex honey and toasted quinoa 

WD Chapman's Slow Roast Pork, Jersey potatoes, garlic greens

Monday, 5 May 2014

Time to put some photos up!

I love bank holidays. Who doesn't?
Two days off work at the weekend is never enough... so finally I have some time to load up some photos from the year. Spanning January - April...

Also, our next free dates are:
19th July (though this may go soon)
9th August (may also go soon)

Looking forward to seeing you soon xx

Monday, 31 March 2014

Alphonso mangoes

I've been mulling over May's menu for a long time. I just couldn't decide what pudding to serve. And then I remembered - around May/early June there are these amazing mangoes that arrive in our local shop; they are stacked in big boxes lined with paper straw, they look and smell delicious and we can't walk past them - we buy a big box at least once a week and struggle to make them last more than a few days.

This is no blog - but if it was, I would write a long, long entry about them. Perhaps just read this...

Or, maybe come in May and try them yourselves.

Except... you can't... sorry! Our two dates have gone. But here is the menu if you are interested, if you are keen for a date in June or July, email us now 7th June is already booked and we want a few weekends to have some fun in the sun, but we would also love to see you too.

The Griddle Project

May 2014

 On your arrival...
Orange Blossom Gin
Asparagus Fritters

The starters
Seared Rump Skirt Steak on a Watercress Salad
Baked Ricotta with Essex Honey, Grilled Nectarine and Toasted Quinoa
Crab Rarebit

Shot of Watercress Soup
The main
Slow-Roast Pork Belly with Gooseberry and Spring Onion Chutney, Garlic Greens, and New Potatoes

Rose Scented Bavarois with Alphonso Mangoes, Vodka ShortBread
Before you leave...
Freshly Ground Coffee, Assam Tea, Dark Chocolate Truffles




Suggested donation £25